NLP Business Diploma Training

Our NLP Business Diploma lays the foundations for building Collaborative Relationships

Our ANLP Accredited NLP Business Diploma is a four-day trainer led masterclass into the essentials of Collaborative Working using NLP

On this NLP Business Diploma you are introduced to our 4 quadrant approach to developing Collaborative Working

Why focus on Collaborative Working?

Over our 25+ years working with clients the most challenging assignments we have been involved with are ones aimed at developing a Collaborative Culture. When you master collaborative working you will master all other relationship dynamics.

Working in Collaboration with others requires a totally different Mindset and new Behaviours.

Our suite of Collaborative Working programmes are based on our extensive experience of major projects.

Our comprehensive suite of NLP services means we can cater for all needs and all outcomes

On this Diploma Level programme we introduce you to the Key Mindset & Behavioural skills that build Collaborative Relationships

Our 4 Quardants

The mindset of each individual involved in a collaborative relationship impacts on the ultimate success of the common goal.  Creating a common sense of purpose and aligning each individual around the current goal is a vital step.  Often, it is possible that individuals hold on to negative experiences and this ultimately builds a dysfunctional aspect in the relationship.  Anything that impacts on TRUST will damage collaboration.

Behaviour and language are the key components of a successful collaborative relationship.  Developing the behaviours and the communication techniques are at the core of our approach.  The more you demonstrate the competent use of collaborative behaviour the more rapidly TRUST will build.  This has a significant impact on the efficiency savings achieved through a collaborative approach.  Get this wrong and stalemate will result.

NLP Business Diploma Behaviours
NLP Business Diploma Culture

The Culture of your collaborative relationship is the sum of all the Mindsets and Behaviours of all the individuals.  Compounded by the agreed Values and Agreed Purpose of the Collaborative relationship.  Sustaining a healthy collaborative culture requires collaborative leadership…a different style of leadership to your traditional approach to team leadership.

As one lawyer informed a Commercial Director of a Client on a project we were involved with, ‘You can sue your contractor and you’ll still have a tunnel to build’.  So the lawyer’s advice was to focus on building the relationship rather than look for ways to score points.  This is where our 4 Quadrants add value.

Why attend this NLP Business Diploma?

What’s the difference that makes the difference to influencing multiple stakeholders to simultaneously leave their silos and start interacting in a collaborative relationship and reaping the benefits of enhanced value?

Collaborating with multiple partners or stakeholders to deliver a common goal is no easy task! There are times when managing the relationships takes more time and energy than delivering the objectives.  Our 4-dimensional approach to business collaboration can assist you spend more time on the delivery of the objective and create enhanced value for your client at the same time.

On this programme delegates will achieve excellence in navigating the 4-quadrants of effective business collaboration.  Each of the 4-quadrants impacts on each other and understanding the interactions is crucial if you are to achieve the greatest amount of influence.

  • This programme is a quality learning experience that will enhance your ability to collaborate.

  • Because you want to understand how competitive behaviour impacts negatively on collaborative working.

  • You are interested in NLP and want to experience an initial learning opportunity to see if you want to further develop in the field.

Your NLP Trainer, Paul McGowran, has extensive experience in business and industry. With over 16 years experience as a Trainer of NLP, Paul has seen it all. Paul has been invited to work on a number of major UK infrastructure projects.  As part of a specialist consultancy team Paul has developed Collaborative Leadership programmes and Collaborative Cultures.

Who is the NLP Business Diploma for?

This NLP Business Diploma will work for anyone that is curious about the field of NLP and wants to develop their leadership career. If you know you want to make changes and want to know more about how NLP can help you, this is a great starting point.

Our delegates come from all professions and industries and all have one thing in common…they are seeking the secret to becoming the best leader they can be.

Whether you work in a single organisation or consult with multiple businesses or deliver projects as part of multi-stakeholder venture, Public or Private or Third sector, this programme is for you.

  • Employees looking for greater promotion and development options
  • Coaches, consultants, trainers & therapists
  • Project / Programme Managers
  • Engineers / Construction Professionals

  • Health & Social Care Professionals

  • Senior managers and leaders
  • Sales & business development professionals
  • HR and L&D professionals
ANLP Accredited NLP Diploma

What will you learn?

The NLP Business Diploma is designed to introduce delegates to the Fundamentals of Collaborative Relationships.  The comprehensive introduction will cover all the essential foundations of building relationships that create Trust.  Using a number of different models including Lencioni & Covey along with NLP we focus on how to develop high performing collaborative relationships.

  • An overview of the history of NLP and the 4 pillars of success and how this is entwined with other positive psychology models
  • The NLP Communication Model – How to get the response you want.  This is the key to unlocking project communication
  • Outcomes and Goals – the road map to creating alignment of common goals
  • Rapport: the key to proactive collaborative relationships
  • The basics of influencing others in an ethical manner
  • Managing your emotions and your state, remaining resilient during project tensions.

Take your 1st step towards Self-Mastery

Change begins whenever you decide to change. Make that decision, now, and reserve your place on our NLP Business Diploma Programme.
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Completing this Diploma in NLP can open up many different pathways for you. Most of our delegates go on to achieve accreditation as a Practitioner of NLP and Master Practitioner of NLP.

What’s included in our NLP Diploma package?

  • Four full days of accredited trainer led tuition
  • Comprehensive course manual
  • Recommended Reading List & Written Integration
  • Lunch & Refreshments
  • Ongoing Support & Mentoring from one of the longest established ANLP Accredited Trainers in the UK

Completing your NLP Business Diploma with us will open up your entry onto our NLP Business Practitioner Programme. You will receive a credit against the cost of your 10 Day NLP Practitioner programme if you have completed your NLP Diploma with us.

How does the programme work?

As you can imagine, your journey starts the moment you make contact with us. With 16 years experience in training NLP we know a thing or two about engaging people.

The NLP Business Diploma is accredited by ANLP, so we adhere to their strict certification standards. We were also initially accredited by INLPTA, the standard setter for the curriculum of this Diploma. You know you will get a through and detailed introduction to NLP.

To achieve your certificate you will be expected to pass all our ongoing assessments during the programme. These are our essential means of assessing your ethics, standards of practice and your intent. We only certify delegates with a desire to use NLP with a positive intent and who demonstrate ethical and professional conduct at all time.

Your NLP Business Diploma Learning Process

Before you attend your first day we would expect you to have sampled the recommended reading list, we’re not strict on this. It’s your development, it’s upto you how much reading you do.

You will also receive a ‘written integration’ paper prior to the start of the workshop. This is a short question and answer document where you can start developing your knowledge of the field of NLP. The answers to the questions will all be in the recommended reading list. We start each day reviewing the written integration, sharing and learning within the group. We believe in developing your knowledge as well as your practise.

Each day is a combination of theory, demonstrations and practising. The key to learning NLP is ‘doing with’ others. You will spend a lot of time practising with each other and being supervised by your trainer and assistants. Feedback from your trainer will hone and refine your skills.

Finally after the specified 30 hours of classroom tuition and having satisfied your trainer that you can practise your skills ethically with positive intent you will receive your ANLP Diploma in NLP.

This certificate opens you the community of the ANLP, the largest professional network for NLP in the UK. You can find out more about ANLP on their website.

NLP Business Diploma

Course Logistics & Requirements

There are no entry requirements to attend this NLP Business Diploma. As the entry level programme this is open to all. This course will attract a credit against the full cost of the NLP Business Practitioner programme. Attending the Practitioner programme does not require an NLP Diploma.


We will send the Recommended Reading List and Written Integration paper when your place is confirmed*.


Please see the links opposite for the most appropriate dates for you. We run a number of these programmes each year in different locations around the UK.


The full cost of the NLP Business Diploma is £750. This can be paid in full or a payment plan can be agreed. *Course materials will only be sent out once more than 60% of the full cost has been paid.

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